Award for dr. Agricola

Award for dr. Agricola.

Dr. Agricola has been awarded an Erasmus MC fellowship grant for using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in the World COACH consortium and to create personalized prediction models.

Every year, the Erasmus MC awards four young talented researchers with innovative research ideas. There are two awards for basic research and two awards for clinical research.

Dr. Agricola: "Osteoarthritis is a worldwide challenge. As we do not exactly know how hip osteoarthritis develops, treatment strategies are generally a one-size-fits-all approach. Probably, the reasons why people develop hip osteoarthritis differs widely from patient to patient. With this research, I will use AI techniques in the Wolrd COACH consortium to generate innovative, personalized prediction models for hip osteoarthritis."

These are the most promising and talented researchers of Erasmus MC, according to the dean prof. Sleijfer. Their research will likely have large impact on us and our nearest.

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